Sadie's Nursery... a KS HOME TOUR

Earlier this summer I gave you a little tour of JJ and I's bedroom from our little bungalow back in Kansas.  Well, I thought I'd show you Sadie's Nursery today!  Whenever I think about this room, I have to smile.  It was such a happy place for me :)  I loved the wall color.  I loved all the vintage baby decor. I loved the custom bedding that my mom-in-law made for me (although you can't really see it in these pics... I had taken the front bumper pad down already).  I loved the high ceilings and old woodwork and doors.  I loved how all you saw out the windows was tree branches and sun... because it was on the second story.  Hmmm... it was wonderful. 

Anyway... the pictures aren't the best... but you get the idea.  ENJOY!



  1. very very pretty! beautiful!!! I cant wait until my hubby and i have our own home next year, Lord willing. We live in a two bedroom apartment so only our oldest, Samuel ( 20 months ) has his own room. Alexandra is in our room so i don't have the joy to be able to decorate her own space. Some day though! God will bless!

  2. Very pretty! I found your blog from Megs!

  3. I love these colors, I kind of picked a variation of these for my nursery. So the question I going to survive 3 girls??

  4. You let me dream for a while...
    Lovely photos!!!!

  5. The colors, the fabrics, everything is so peaceful and sweet :)

  6. Oh I can not wait to show my BFF this post. She just found out she is having a girl and was telling me she want s a vintage yellow and green nursery. Yours will make her swoon! So lovely always! ♥


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