The way I see it...

I absolutely love candid, everyday photography of children.  Something happens in that instant when a child is captured "on film".   

Maybe it's because I'm sentimental...
Maybe it's because I'm an artist...
Maybe it's because I idealize things...
I don't know.

But when I look at those frozen moments, it makes me see things clearly.  When it's my children, I suddenly am able to see those moments for what they really are.


Those images allow me to realize what I'm sometimes not capable of realizing in the actual moment...
when I'm distracted by the noise, the chaos, the busyness of my day...

I see how blessed I am.
I see how perfect they are.
And I am thankful... overwhelmingly thankful.


  1. Oh man, these are too gorgeous! I really love the one of your girls comforting him. So incredibly sweet.

  2. what a beautiful light, beautiful children for beautiful photos...
    And thanks for your printable 'étiquettes'
    I can't anderstand all your words about reece's rainbow, (in France they can go to school a long time)but I'll come soon, I work with children too

  3. your children are beautiful-what great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  4. very beautiful children. it is true...children are a gift from the Lord! cute pictures too! God bless!

  5. You have a beautiful blog... I can't quite remember how I cam across it. I started at eighteentwentyfive and somehow ended up over here? Anyway, my daughters have bunk beds and we saw your adorable sheet curtains and wondered how you hung them? My girls are dying to do it and I just found some beautiful vintage sheets yesterday.


  6. these photos a just magical. i am glad you put these feeling into words. your children are precious. i love it here and love how your blog makes me feel. xoxo

  7. Great pics! You have a beautiful family!


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