a little boy

I'd like to introduce to you...

born February 8, 2011
6 lbs, 7 oz.  19 1/2 in. long

Virgil?  you may ask...
Well, Virgil is Jeremy's Grandfather's name.
After Jeremy's father left when he was just a baby, his mom and his siblings moved back into her childhood home where Jeremy's grandfather Virgil, along with his Grandma, began to supply for their needs.
He supplied a home for them, food on the table, clothes, and schooling.
He supplied direction and training, offering them a strong father figure and developing a rich work ethic in him and his brother on the farm.
He supplied love, encouragement, and affection for a growing boy.
But more than anything he supplied a Godly model for what a man should be...a man full of conviction and faith in his Savior.
He supplied priceless spiritual training by mouth and by example.

He is everything we want out son to be. 

Jon?  Yes, it's J O N, not John.  It is after Jeremy's brother Jonathan.
Jon and Jeremy are just 19 months apart and act like they shared a womb, not just a bedroom :)
Jon's and Jeremy's best friend... and always will be.

We're struggling a little with a nick name.  We do want to call him Virgil, but we'd like a shortened more casual name to use also.
Virg?  Sadie calls him baby Virg. 
V?  I kinda like that.
I'm sure something will develop :)



  1. He is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations!

  2. Oh my, what a cutie! These baby pics are making me want to have another baby, I'm telling my uterus to be quiet now:) Congratulations to you and your family, children are such a blessing!

  3. adorable... alaina has a friend they call johnny... or maybe gi gi? i'm sure you will come up with something!

  4. I've been checking your blog everyday waiting to see pictures...Congratulations!
    Mrs. B.

  5. Thanks for sharing photos! He's adorable. Congratulations!

  6. Congrats, boys are fun and so different from girls! So great on how you named him. Love the pics and I hope he doesn't get dressed up too much. :)

  7. Amy, he's so cute! And I have to tell you Virgil was one of my favorite customers where I used to work. I worked in Moundridge at the coop for a few years and he'd come in occasionally. He always walked straight to my desk without letting the receiptionist help him. Then if my purse was at my desk, he'd wait for me to come back and help him for as long as it took for me to get there. When the other girls would ask if they could help him he'd tell them my purse was there so I was somewhere in the building and that he'd wait. I didn't have many customers that were my own but he was my favorite. And he always got a sucker on the way out.

  8. Congrats Amy! I think he looks like Jeremy already! The name Virgil makes me think of the movie Tombstone, which I love, so I am very in favor of the nickname Virg :). Love ya!

  9. Having watching the Jordan boys grow up through the yearly Engine Show and knowing their story, your tribute to Virgil made me tear up. Thank you for sharing. The Jordan and Goertzen kids--now adults are everything I hope my kids grow up to be as they are just starting out as young adults. One more note, I think Brenda is one of the bravest, beautiful, innovated women I have ever met. Truly a godly family.

  10. Congratulations!!! The meaning of Virgil's name is wonderful. Boys are so fun! Take care.

  11. Amy,Congratulations to you and your family! Virgil Jon is so beautiful! I love the story behind his name. :)
    You take care!!

  12. Absolutely flawless! Love the story of Virg's namesake. So sweet!


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