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I've been thinking about "pretty things" lately.... You probably wonder what I mean. Well, as I surf other peoples blogs I'm always drawn to the pretty little things... whether it's decor, stationery, baby clothes, crafts... all these unnecessary fun things that are so beautifully created or designed... (Etsy overwhelms me with this kind of stuff!!) I find myself wanting to fill my life with these pretty things. Hmm... vain and materialistic or just a simple way to make life brighter? I don't know. I suppose the answer is found in the heart... which only God can really see. So I guess I'll go on drooling over beautiful blogs and maybe find a few things here and there to add into the mix to brighten the atmosphere of my days. More than anything, seeing all these ideas makes me want to make lots of fun pretty things. And then it becomes a whole new issue- my time!! Oh,...this is agitating! It's becoming increasingly clear (as I type) that this desire for pretty unnecessary embellishments in life has multiple areas that can become problems :( What do you think? Does anyone else struggle with similar thought? It's kind of trivial I suppose... but I was just thinking about it today....

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  1. Amy,
    Oh how I can relate. I often find myself dabbling in a "selfish interest" like doing crafty stuff or reading blogs on decorating and before I know it, my mind is consumed by it. It sometimes feels like I can't have a single simple pleasure in my life without making it into some kind of idol. I know there is a balance and a way to worship and glorify God in our simple pleasures, but I often find myself going from one extreme to the other, missing that balance. :)


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