Lucy Lou...turns one!

Hello Friends!
I just wanted to pop in and say "hi" in the middle of our crazy birthday week!  We have three birthdays in a row... hubs' was on the 2nd, Lucy turned one on the 3rd, and Elsie turns seven today! There's a lot of partying going on here...let me tell you! But yesterday I managed to take a few shots of my sweet Lucy Lou to commemorate her first birthday...  bittersweet emotions going on in this mama's heart, for sure :)

Loucille Louise.... my spirited and precious baby #5:




  1. So sweet. Love those little curls!

  2. Oh Amy! CanNOT believe Lucy is one!! She is such a cutie. : ) I told my oldest daughter today that so many people I know online have babies turning one already! Our Grace is six months tomorrow on Hope's birthday and we cant believe it ...(Hope is turning 14, whoa!) Time has FLOWN this past year. Have fun with all the celebrating!

  3. Awww sweet sweet girl! Those close ups of the little curls bring back so many memories of my little Sofia and her first curls. She still hasn't had a hair cut yet. Trying to hold onto them as long as I can :)

  4. She's B E A U T I F U L ! I would like her to feature her pink photo at my art framing gallery <3

  5. Look at all her teeth!! I'm sorry if this sounds "strange" but I have a 7 mos old granddaughter and she has been miserable from teething for about 3 mos. or more now. I feel so bad for her and it looks like her first tooth is *right there* so to speak. I have almost come to the conclusion that she is going to be constantly teething and was just put here to make all our lives miserable! (I know that's not true..but those teeth!!)
    Your little one is adorable. And the photos are phenomenal!


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