V's Big Boy Room... a vintage boy's room tour

Hello Friends!

So I've been meaning to take you on a little tour of Virgil's big boy room for like a year and half... yeesh! ...But before I do that I have one other thing to tell you...

You NEED to hop on over to Natalie Creates and enter to win one of my Meal Planning Kits! She's posting about meal planning and wants to share her favorite meal planning printables (mine!) with you :)

now onto the tour!


Hope you enjoyed the tour :)
Oh, and Virgil says "hi."



  1. This is so cute Amy! You are so incredibly talented and I am always inspired by you. Thanks for sharing these cute pictures! I'm going to pass this on to my sister-in-law who is having a boy in July :-)

  2. So sweet, Amy...and your friend's blog is adorable : )

  3. Wow!!! I LOVE it!

  4. What a sweet space for your little man!


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