A Woodland Party over at Raising Up Rubies... and Lucy Lou is 11 months old!

Hey Y'all! Do you notice it looks a bit different around here?!  I had the amazing Heather from Life Made Lovely perk up my blog...  She was so amazing.  She was so gracious to work with me and use my illustrations to come up with the perfect look that just screams "AMY J!"  love. it.

Okay, and you MUST hop on over to my best girl Jaime's blog, where I'm guest posting about a really fun Woodland Party idea (and there are some free printables, by the way...wink, wink).

And now, Miss Lucy... my sweet baby girl... These baby days are slipping away. boo.  But I managed to capture a few pieces of my heart  in digital form to share with you... and tear up over for years to come. ha, ha :)



  1. Beautiful pictures.
    Greetings from Bavaria

  2. Amy, those curls! She's presh!! I love squishing and smooching my sweet baby Grace - you'd think I never had babies before, can't get enough of her : ) your Lucy reminds me of Grace - six months from now! Can't believe yours is almost one already!!

    I was just thinking of you recently and I perused your shop not long ago. I want it all. Trying to think of ideas to use all that gorgeous clip art : ) : )

    My hubs is a pastor as well (can't remember if I told you that before) and we're in the middle of church transition, and moving, and all craziness surrounding that. Blah. Say a little prayer. We're fried from ministry overload and have no idea what God has in store next, but still we trust Him and have confidence in His perfect plans!

    Best to you!! And your site is adorable : )


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