The perfect Valentines for that crafty girl... a free printable.

 So I wanted to send a little Valentine to a certain crafty girl I know... well, one thing led to another and WABAM! I ended up with a garland made up of Valentines.  Don't ask how I got there.  Creative brains are a jumbled mess.  But I thought y'all might enjoy the valentines and/or making them into a garland for a crafty girl you might know!

So enjoy the pics, download the Valentines, and get busy!  Valentines day is just a week away!  Ahhharrrg!


Oh! and I almost forgot to tell you... be sure to check out my other V-day printables from earlier years if you're searching for some last-minute Valentines or gifts!  There's some cute stuff to be snatched up!  ALSO... I added a couple sets of V-day clip art to the store, those might be helpful for your projects, as well :)


  1. these are AWESOME! thanks a bunch :) blessings~~angela

  2. Thanks for sharing these. They are lovely.

  3. So cute!!! You are so talented and sweet to give these out! I love the envelope you made with the fabric gift, yay! ❤ I love you sister!

  4. These are so great friend!! Love them and just downloaded them to use this year! Cannot wait!


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