Mini Vintage Valentines Garland idea....

Hey Y'all!

So I'm just poppin' in to pass along an idea and a resource for V-day!  I whipped this up today and posted it on my Instagram account...  a sweet follower requested that I make these available!  So... for what it's worth...

You can make this mini garland by downloading this file, cutting them out, and running them through your sewing machine!  I printed on medium weight card stock and also sewed strips of fabric to each end of the garland so that there's something to stick a tack through.

I'm planning on sending a few of these out tomorrow as a tiny Valentine's Day greeting, tucked into a little envelope perhaps.  

Happy Valentine's Day!
May you all know, experience, and pass along the love of Christ this V-day :)

Click on the picture to view a High Resolution image that can be saved and printed as a .jpeg

** file for personal use only.  May not be used for profit of any kind.  May not be redistributed.


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  1. Bless you. I love this idea! Thanks so much. My girlfriends 4 year old is going to love this! Love Paula


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