Brokenness Here in Oklahoma

On Sunday night, all 7 of us took cover in our laundry room as a tornado came within two miles of our home.  As we hunkered down under mattresses and blankets,  I looked at each my kids' faces and wondered if the tornado would make it to our home...
It passed.  We were perfectly fine.

The next day the residents of Moore, OK, our neighbors to the South 20 miles, were in a similar position.  But for them it ended in devastation.

We mourn for those who lost loved ones.
We hurt for those who lost their homes.
We pray for all affected.

Click on the verse to for a high resolution version... Feel free to save, print,  and pass on to someone who needs some encouragement.

We have families from our church who live in Moore.  Thankfully they were spared from the physical destruction of the tornado.  For one of these families, our close friends, the tornado came within a half mile of their home, leaving his neighbors homes completely leveled.  Jeremy and this friend spent the day today in Moore, offering help wherever they could....

I ran into the garage door a bit today with our SUV...  I called Jeremy and told him while he was working in the rubble.  You know, he told me that I could have wrecked the car and he wouldn't have cared a bit.

Amazing how a tragedy like this puts life into perspective. 

Here are a couple shots that Jeremy took while out today...

This is a panorama shot... click on it to see it larger.  Jeremy was standing on a kitchen counter top looking over what used to be a neighborhood of hundreds of homes.  Nothing but rubble as far as the eye could see.



  1. Oh honey, it breaks my heart too...I live in Alabama and just a couple of years ago we had several tornadoes pass through an area about 40 miles north of us. So many people lost their lives and homes...I'm so thankful you and your family were spared and I'm praying for all those who are hurting right now. God bless you!

  2. Wow, those pictures look as if they're from a movie set, hard to imagine. Our prayers are with you all! Thanks for the beautiful print!

  3. Your printable is beautiful Amy! Thank you for giving what your hand is able to give.


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