Something's Happened... that's real-life :)

I've been thinking lately....about my life, my home, my ambitions, my hopes, my responsibilities.  Somewhere in that list, this blog fits in.  In a way it's a part of all of those. 

I've been thinking about how my blog has taken a little direction shift in the past 6 months or so...  It's been good.  I've been doing printables and some other creative inspirational junk.  I've had a great response and it's been really wonderful and affirming to share my creativity with you all.  But somehow along the road, I have felt myself withdraw.  I have a tendency to pull away and keep the "real me" tucked safely back.  I struggle with what the purpose of my blog is...  some days it feels like "all business" and I don't want that.

I want my blog to be... me.  And not in a cliche' kind of way.  I want this blog to be me forming a relationship with you (that sounds cheesy, too...but hear me out :)   I want to come along side you, share a decorating tip, make you smile, and encourage you as you sift through life.  I want you to find me helpful, like a close friend who loans a good book to you.... like a sister-in Christ who speaks the words you were needing to hear...

But I also want to be open and honest in my real daily life with you so that I can be held accountable.  You see when I pull back, in real life... just like I have on this blog... I cut the strings of accountability.  I have such a tendency to do this.  When life gets rocky, confusing, draining... or even when something really amazing happens that's kinda personal,  I shrink back.  I don't really know why.  I guess it's just easier for me... it keeps me from being vulnerable, I suppose. 

But we are called to more.. all of us... in life on-line or off.  Christ did not bring me here to shut my mouth in fear, laziness, or confusion.  But in him, I am made strong and able to do all things!  This I know, and I will cling to it :)

So...  I will continue designing... continue posting lost of Printables (because I think it's just so much fun!!), but I'm going to try and not hold back my heart from you.  So many times I think.. "I should share these thoughts on my blog"...  then I don't.  Or when life is rough and kinda not the prettiest...  I look around at my house and think "I can't post anything... where would I even find a clean spot to take a  picture!?"   So instead of sharing something "real",  I post a Printable... It looks good, I look good, no one is the wiser that my day is a wreck!

Anyway... we are called to encourage each other, open our mouths and speak truth.  Life isn't just about me getting through my day...   It's about what I can do and say to bring others into a fuller knowledge and a closer relationship with our God and his son, Jesus Christ.  Will you join me?


  1. I most certainly will!
    From what I can see, on the other side of the screen, (ha), you are a courageous and talented young woman. Real life is not always clean, pretty or sweet-smelling.....but when we have a real faith in the Lord, then each day can be as fresh and new as we care to make's lovely that you want to share yours with others....thank you!

  2. Yes! I think strangely enough we all just want to be real, relatable, authentic! I love reading blogs of others and I may not meet many of them this side of heaven...through this great age we live in we can reach out, encourage and support one another!


  3. This is so beautifully honest and I can so relate to everything you said. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability and in doing so helping the rest of us do the same. Amen to that!

  4. Amy Amy Amy, I could have wrote this myself. Really. I too have struggled with all the above. I want my blog to represent me..but I hold everything back.
    Thank you for writing this. I am going to take a long hard look at my blog and get on board!!!
    I love coming to your represents peacefullness, quality, vinatge feel (I LOVE!), family, Christian, etc. You do an AWESOME job!! I need to print some printables too.
    ((hugs)) to you!!!

  5. I must be channeling you because I've been feeling exactly the same way. Too many things in the news and so much drama in my friends' and family's lives and (all too often) posts on Facebook and such are so negative, that I really resist being 'real' on my family blog. I fear being a downer for someone else. But life isn't always cheery and put together. It's chaotic at times. And while it's sometimes messy and not pretty, it's also often pretty great, filled with bright spots and moments of grace. And those messy spots are grace-filled, too, if I take the time and look hard enough. So, yeah. I need to be a bit bolder, too.

  6. Amy J.!!!
    Girl, you are an inspiration and a blessing to so many! Keep following your heart and what He puts close to it...for out of the heart are the issues of life ♥ and He's behind & before you, holding you steady!! (not to mention the stuff you dream up is so stinkin' cute:)
    much loves!

  7. Amy, so true. Sharing the negative aspects of life, faith, and growth, as difficult as it is, remind those we fellowship with that they are not alone.Good for you! You have inspired me to share myself with my sisters in Christ, God Bless. Pamela

  8. i feel ya. big time.
    can't wait to listen.

  9. I totally get that. I feel that way myself a lot! Plus I love your encouragement and honesty when you share it on your blog. So please don't hold back! :)

  10. Good for you! It's hard not to paint a rosie picture all the time....I know I do it too.

  11. Oh Amy, I just love what you wrote. I struggle with being real on my blog and putting on a nice front, so I totally hear you. I wish you lived closer so we could hang-out! From what I can tell you are genuine and a mom and wife who really cares about her family. And I love all the printables! I have wanted to put God's word in more places around the house and you have really inspired me to do that. Keep it up Amy, you're so lovely!

  12. I have done this very thing on my blog... it's why I haven't posted in 2 months! TWO! That's just crazy. But it's because I'm stuck. I want to share. But then I shrink back, as you described. I just can't stay consistent.

    So glad you'll be sharing your heart. We will all benefit from knowing you more. :)

  13. Found your blog through Pinteret and wanted to let you know I just downloaded a bunch of your printables, they are just perfect for what I was looking for! Thank you!

    I'm the same about posting as well never feel like I have anything to say that's worth reading...great post.


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