Sticker, Seals, or Washi Tape! ... just in time for Gift Wrapping

Awhile back, I did a post about how to make your own mini washi tape.... Well, today I have some more free printable patterns for you to use with that tutorial... some Christmas patterns!

I also wanted to show you some other ways you can use the patterns printing on labels to make stickers, seals, and some medium sized Washi tape. 

First off...
Print on round labels to make envelope seals or gift wrapping stickers:

Print on 1" x 2 5/8" return address labels to make medium sized Washi tape.  Great for cheering up a simple wrapping job.   To make these, you can refer to my other tutorial on Mini Washi Tape.  The only  difference is that after you've printed and cut the edges with pinking shears, then you cut the labels in half length-wise.  Easy enough... and super cute!

Here are your Free Printable Christmas Patterns:
To Save, just click on the pattern and save the full-sized version.  It will be a .jpeg... Open in an word processing program/or design program/or even a simple preview window and print onto label paper!
I'd love to hear your plans for these patterns... leave a comment and let me know!

Just please remember... Patterns are for personal use only and may not be sold, distributed, or used for profit of any kind.



  1. Leave it Miss Amy to inspire us all again with simplicity that give a total WOW FACTOR! I love it! And your winter banner is simply precious!

  2. lovely amy, so awesome i have had loads of fun printing my own washi tape since you last post about it! thank you for more of your designs i adore them. xoxo

  3. Thanks for the super cute patterns, Amy! I generally wrap in solid colors and use lots of baker's twine and this year am using up a roll of contractor's paper. The brown paper and twine look great, but it needed a little something extra and this is it!

  4. Thanks for the fun patterns!


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