PRINTABLE Christmas Gift Planner page

Today is a gloomy, rainy day... here in Edmond, OK.  Today is Jeremy's day off, but I'm kinda sick and hubs is trying to get over being sick. 
So much I want (and need) to accomplish...
So little energy... (big sigh.)

But... thankfully, before I was feeling yucky, I created this for you!  It's helping me get my thoughts in some kind of order as I attack my gift "to-do" and "to-buy" lists.   This planner page is perfect for a three-ring binder or just put a stack of these pages in a clip board and hang on the wall...  fill in as the season progresses and ideas come to you!

(**by the way... I've updated this for you! ... the download has no year on it, so you can use it every year!!)


*As always...File and finished product for personal use only... not for resale or profit of any kind.



  1. Amy your so sweet! Love your free printables;) thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks so much for this great printable! I love organizing my Christmas shopping into lists and this one is so pretty!

  3. Hey Amy! Found your blog from the craft weekend blog. You do such beautiful work! I LOVE all your printables! Have a great day!

  4. Great idea! For some reason, instead of the blues and greens, my printer prints out pink and grey hues. Still definitely using for all the ideas in my head

  5. I love all your designs! They are seriously so cute! New follower :)


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