Smiling at the computer...

I mentioned before that I took some pictures for some friends when I was back home in Kansas.  Well, I was editing them last night.... and I kept finding myself smiling at the computer.  You see I went to high school with both of the parents... and were friends back then, but just friends.

Several years post high school we reconnected. First I reconnected with her... in a young wives Bible Study which developed into a young mom's Bible study over a few years.  That was a very special grop for me.  Then... we became part of a small couples group together.  And God connected us, all of us in the group, in a special way.  As we dove into God's word and struggled together to understand how to live out our faith and how to communicate that faith, we became a group a broken people racing desperately towards the Truth. 

So as I looked at those sweet faces of my high school friends, I marveled at God's power.  His power to grow us, change us, and bless us.  God used that little group of 'more than friends' to encourage us, teach us his truths, soften our our hearts and eventually get us here... to Edmond, OK... to serve in ministry.

They are such a sweet little family... I miss them :)

... and she's so pretty.



  1. We miss your sweet family, too! The pictures are lovely - what a beautiful family!

  2. The pictures are beautiful as well as your blog header, I love it!!!

  3. Great pictures of the Jost family!

  4. Easton's eyes are amazing! They all look great. :) Good pics, Amy.


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