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Hello All! ... sorry for the absence... I've been on vacation!  This past week I've been in KS hangin' out with family and taking some friends' pictures (I'll post some of those soon).  It was relaxing and refreshing... just what we needed :)

Here's some stuff I've been meaning to show you since a bit before my computer crashed... Remember the stationery with customizable little girls that I showed you awhile back, well I did a custom order for friend/customer with Little E and Company.  She requested a set not only for her little girl, but also for herself.  super fun.  I'm not listing them on Etsy quite yet, but I am open to custom orders.  Email me!!  I'd like to build up a wider variety of hairstyles, dress styles, (I need to create a baby graphic too...and maybe boys???), etc... before I list them on Etsy. 

I also filled an order for a "TRUST" print awhile back... she requested it in yellow instead of red...and I love it!  Thought I'd show you that too :)  AND... I'm kinda excited about the idea of Mini Scripture Prints... I made some on a whim to put in with some of my orders and they are stinkin' cute!  They are perfect for so many things: to stick in with a card for a friend... they go great on the fridge or bulletin board... to use as a gift tag... to use as a "thank you for your order" note... etc.  I love the idea of passing along scripture.  I'm going to list some of those on Etsy too.


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  1. EVERYONE loves, loves, loves these! I always get a phone call to say, "that is so cute!" - THANKS so much!


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