Dear friends...cute kiddos...

This is another dear family, close to our hearts in so many ways.... the connection comes initially from my husband.  He went to high school with the kids and had Mr. Mac as his chemistry teacher...  while we were dating I remember hanging out with Olivia, Joel, and Jess... But once again, just as I expressed in my last  post, the connection grew beyond being family friends and high school classmates.  We also were blessed to have Bill and Olivia in that same precious small group that we left back in Kansas. 

I had the pleasure of taking their pictures while in Kansas also... it started with a request from Olivia and then grew to a near whole family event!  It was wonderful though... Jeremy came along since he knew the family so well. He got to chat it up while I snapped pictures like crazy.   Once again, as I edited these pictures I found myself smiling at the screen... marveling at God's blessings through long-standing friendships like these.

... cute.. cute... kids... Don't you think?!


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