BIG problem....

So you're probably wondering where I've been.... I had been doing pretty good, getting back into the rhythm of blogging after baby V crashed the scene. Well... It's gonna be slow again for a bit. Because... my computer crashed. (big heavy sigh...) No Illustrator, no Photoshop, no stored files, no access to all of my graphic design stuff, and no normal keyboard for typing quickly in between little ones' outbursts ( I'm on my hubby's work iPad)!!! So give me two weeks.... That's all I'm asking for!!! Please don't stop following :) .... I lost a few when I was out for awhile this past winter.... I'll be back!!! And with a new Mac, new ( and more current) Illustrator and Photoshop!!! So for now, I'll peck away on this mini keyboard... JJ is going to buy an adapter so I can at least load my camera's photos onto here... And I'll make do!!!

Amy :)


  1. Looking forward to your comeback:)

  2. Oh no! I couldnt even imagine having that happen!
    Hope you are able to bounce back from that as easily as possible sweet girl!


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