Fun finds from the weekend...

Happy Monday!
This past weekend my parents came to visit for a bit... It was wonderful to see them as always.  Saturday morning I suggested that we go antique shopping.  I figured going with my parents was our only shot at tackling antique stores with four little kids...four adults and four kids... that could work :)   

A fun vintage necklace for me... love this!

My dad found this... We thought it would be the perfect thing to go above a little boy's changing stand :)  ...such an appropriate warning!



  1. Oh, my! Amy! That picture of your parents is priceless. Look at that love.

  2. Too bad they don't like him all that much, huh? Super cute and I love that lamp.

  3. I'm in love with the photo of Virgil with your parents! Priceless!

  4. I love the pix of Virgil!!! Congratulations! He is so precious.

    By the way, I had that same Humpty Dumpty lamp too...only mine was red. Still have it. Who knows when it will come in handy!


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