Happy Things...Little Mama

There have been so many Happy Things that I daily see in our home since little Virgil has entered our family... Today seemed like a good day to re-activate the "Happy Things" blog posts... :)

It has been such a joy to watch my two oldest girls welcome Virgil into the family.  They both absolutely adore him.  Each show him love and attention in very different ways... For Alice it's a quick kiss on the head as she runs out the door with her plastic animals, ready to play in the dirt.  Or it's holding him on the couch for 2 or 3 minutes, expressing dramatically how he's the cutest baby she's ever seen and how she just "loves her bugaboo!"  Then she's off to play again, most likely striding across the carpet on all fours like a leopard and growling as she goes.

Elsie is very different than Alice... from the first moment she sees little Virgil in the morning she asks if she can touch him.  "Can I touch his head... his tummy... his feet?"   Then she's begging me to hold him.  If he's not needing to nurse, burp, or poop I let her.  They settle in on the couch with the boppy pillow and maybe a little blanket.  He starts out nicely propped up and supported by the pillow, but within a few minutes Elsie has slipped her arm underneath him and has tenderly pulled him up again her little tummy. She talks or sings to him, strokes his head or pats his back.  She will hold him, caress him, and admire him for up to 45 minutes!  And this occurs at least 2 or three time each day :)  It's very clear... God has given her the heart of a little mama and that is such a Happy Thing :)



  1. So very Happy for all of you!

  2. These pictures radiate the "little mama" syndrome. She's goin to be a great big sister! I love them!


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