I have been so busy lately!  It's just one thing after another.... and it seems to be never ending.  In the past week or so it has been due to company, commitments, LOTS of graphic design projects, and home school preparations.

We started school yesterday...  wow.
I had honestly forgotten the challenge of that over the summer.
It's not easy to focus on one child when you have 3.  Especially when the youngest is LOUD, destructive, willful, and high-energy!  .... I know the challenges compound when you have multiple children in school... but for me this is enough to figure out.

I've had a whole row of design projects to work on... etsy orders, baby shower invites, family requests, etc... I love it.  I just wish I had more time for it!  These days, it seems like design projects are the only thing I have to visually show you here.  But I fear that gets old... pictures, stories, and crafts are more fun, in my opinion.

A few other random things I've wanted to tell you:

My mom, back in KS, falls asleep alot... anywhere, anytime.  Earlier this summer when she was reading a bed time story to my girls, the story took an interesting turn.  The familiar story of "The Lion King" turned into a slurred description about Mennonite martyrs.  You should have seen the disapproving expression on Alice's face :)

My girls are funny... they love the word "mushy".  It always makes them laugh.  They'll spend 20 minuttes playing this game where one of them says "Mushy, mushy, mushy.....(something)"  then they throw back their heads and laugh hysterically.  They take turns picking words.  I usually put an end to it when they start saying things like "Mushy, mushy, mushy.... Toilet!!!! Ah...ha, ha, ha, ha!!!"  I'm always trying not to laugh too, though :)  I  remember doing stupid things like that as a kid. 

Belly is growing... I'm starting to feel the baby move, Yay!  We find out what it is in about 3 weeks.

I'm starting to brew on Christmas designs.... I love Christmas.  I hope to have my etsy store full of fun Christmas goodies before Halloween hits.  Ambitious I know.  Hey, I can always set goals :)

Alice lost her two front teeth...  I was so relieved.  Right before they came out they were incredibly messed up!  She looked like a hillbilly.  Here's the before and after... except the before is still a week or so before they finally came out.  They don't look near as bad as they did at the end :)   Now I just keep looking at her and thinking how big she is.  I don't know why missing front teeth create such a strong impression.... maybe it's that I remember losing my front teeth.  She just can't be that big... :)

Blessings to you all,


  1. You sound crazy busy. I hope you get a few moments for yourself every now and then.

    And hooray for baby kicks, that feeling was so surreal to me.
    Can't wait to hear whether it's pink or blue :)

  2. I have a #3 like that as well. Today she cut her own hair. : ) I'm sure it gets easier ... that's what I keep telling myself. : )

  3. You homeschool? I just started this year! Do you have any tips for a newbie?

    Would love to see a belly shot!

  4. Hillbilly teeth...yes, I too was happy when they FINALLY came out! The dangling drove me nuts!

  5. Hilarious... Mennonite stories, "mushy", teeth... Made me laugh. :-)

  6. You're so talented, and have such a fun blog! So glad you stopped by!

  7. Have seen firsthand your mom fall asleep in the middle of eating, talking. Can only imagine what that story sounded like!!
    Kate's 2 front teeth are loose, she is going to look SO different with them gone!


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