Housewarming for Jenny

I've been a bad friend.
Several months ago, one of my best friends from high school told me that she was moving.  And she wanted some suggestions for decorating and setting up home in her new location.... First of all it took me forever to reply!  Then, I promised her I would send her a housewarming gift with a few things in it to help her get started.  Yeah.... that was a long time ago.  Well... this past weekend I put some stuff together.  It hasn't quite made it to the post office yet, but hopefully it will get there soon :)
I thought I'd share what I put in the package, with you.
AND... I wonder if you could help me... help her with something.  Jenny, my friend, was looking for ideas for displaying photographs without having to buy frames.
I came up with three ideas :
-using the paper covered clothes pins to hang photos from twine, small rope, ribbon, etc...
-clipping a photo to the cover of an old book to display (as seen in pic. below)
-use a photo mat (in this case the fabric covered ones I included) and hang photo and mat together from clip on the wall. 
Do you have any more ideas?   Let me know and I'll pass them along!

I also made Jenny a couple custom scripture art prints for her home.  I asked her what some of her favorite verses were and made them to suite the colors in her home.... I love the verses she chose. I rounded the corners on the prints so she wouldn't have to frame them.  They also could be hung with clips or clothes pins, or even tacked on a bulletin board....

Love Ya, Jenny!  Hopefully you'll find these things in your mail box soon :)



  1. I used generic or colorful clipboards for photos or art made by the kiddos. You can change them out frequently and they are so simple :) Love you sis!!!!

  2. These look great!

  3. yahoo!!!! beautiful creations & great ideas!

    and you are a wonderful friend.

    time was never an issue lil' mama.

    love you,


  4. I love the idea of clipping them to an old book. A project I've been wanting to do is transform an old book to a scrapbook. I saw it done at a little store and loved it! I want to do engagement photos and wedding photos. I've already purchased the book and the title is wonderful I think. "A Perfect Love"
    What do you think? I love the symbolism to the true perfect love and how we can have true love as a marrige bond with the Father! Thanks for sharing the verses she choose as well! You have a real talent. If I'm ever so blessed to have children, I want to have you design me something with cute elephants. I don't know why I'm so in love with baby elephants on baby stationary! :)


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