Happy Fall! Gift Card & Tag Kit

So I guess it's Fall!  It doesn't really feel like it though... since it's still so hot here, and the leaves haven't begun to change colors.  But, never the less it is Fall.  So I've been busy.... creating a Fall gift card and tag kit for you! (I'll put it in my Etsy store tonight or tomorrow... but I'm only going to make a few of them, so if you want one, better snatch one up soon :) )

First I'll show it to you... then I'll give you an idea... then I need some ideas from you...
Shall we begin?

Kit includes: 6 note cards with envelopes (3 styles, 2 of each style), 4 small gift cards (2 styles, 2 of each style) with glassine envelopes, 16 stickers, 6 manilla tags, 8 round/scalloped edged tags, 6 blank labels, 6 decorative mini clothes pins, 6 feet green striped bakers twine, 6 feet natural twine, 4 kraft paper bags

Each part is neatly packaged for easy keep...

Ready to send you way!

Now the idea :)
This kit is perfect for gift giving.  There are so many things you could use it for, here's a few ideas:
-use the cards and tags to add charm to any gift... a fall birthday,  a thank you gift for a teacher, welcome a new neighbor, etc...
-you could use the 6 note cards as the gift itself and then wrap them up with the goodies provided
-bake something delicious and give as a gift and send along a cheery fall note
-give the whole kit as an unique and thoughtful give for any paper/stationery lover or scrapbooker

If you want to bake some super easy yummy fall goodies to give away... here's my pick:


"Grease 9-inch square baking pan. Melt butter in large saucepan over med. heat. Add sugar and vanilla; mix well. Stir in oats. Cook over low heat 2-3 minutes or until ingredients are well blended. Press half of mixture into prepared pan. Use back of large spoon to spread mixture evenly.

Melt chocolate chips in small heavy saucepan over low heat, stirring occasionally. Stir in peanut butter. Pour chocolate mixture over oat mixture in pan; spread evenly with knife or back of spoon. Crumble remaining oat mixture over chocolate layer, pressing gently. Cover and refrigerate 2-3 hours or overnight.

Bring to room temperature before cutting into bars. (Bars can be frozen; let thaw at least 10 minutes before serving.)  Makes 32 bars."   From Favorite Brand Name Bake Sale Cookbook Publications International, Ltd. 1997

They're just a prettier form of a no-bake cookie... yum!

Perfect for fall!

Now to wrap them up with the goodies from the kit .... and make someone's day!

Now I need your ideas....
I'm thinking of making some Christmas gift and tag kits.  What do you think?  What would you like to see in a Christmas kit?  Please let me know!

Enjoy the season!


  1. great idea! now if i had the energy....

  2. Like all the tags you have shared...I will use it when i give a touch to my card and Gift Card envelopes.


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