Disappointment and the Arts & Crafts Fair

Crazy, crazy, busy, busy... that's life these days. 
Monday- company
Tuesday- first Bible Study Fellowship meeting... all three kids in tow
Wednesday- Alice's birthday
Thursday- pack to leave for KS

This in addition to homeschooling, housekeeping, AND making 50+ baby bracelets AND printing/packaging piles of note cards and tags for the Hillsboro Arts and Crafts fair.....

Let me back up... I'm from Hillsboro, it's my home town.  My mother-in-law has a booth for the annual Arts & Crafts fair every year.  She makes and sells adorable baby jackets, blankets, changing pads, burp rags, etc... She also sells my baby bracelets.  My sister-in-law and I used to have a booth of our own... until I moved away.  SO... this year I was trying to secure a little extra dough, by not only selling my bracelets but by also selling some baby stationery.  Oh... I've been so busy with all that stuff!

Today we were supposed to leave at 5:00pm for Hillsboro and meet my parents in Wichita.  BUT this morning, Alice woke up sick... she threw up all day. So onto plan B.  Hopefully we'll leave in the morning.  We'd better leave in the morning... or else all my goodies will not make it to the show :(

Why am I telling you this?  I don't know... sympathy, venting, explanation for the lack of blog posts.... prayer :)  That and a heads up... if my stuff gets there... to say "all you Kansans, come on over to Brenda's booth!!!"

I was planning on doing a full post about all the goodies I made... with pretty pictures and all, but alas, that didn't even come close to happening.  I'm lucky to be posting this...

So here's one of the many designs of the stationery for the show.  And by the way, all you non-Kansans, be on the look out on Etsy for these little lovelies to appear soon. 

This is the front of a sweet little 3x3 note card... it's paired with an adorable glassine (that vellum/wax paper looking paper) envelope.  It's just one of many designs.  I'll also have gift tags adorned with bright colored baker's twine and cheerful sticker/seals to compliment any of the note cards.  All of the designs are suitable for baby stuff, but many of them are appropriate for other uses also.  So baby or not, stop by :) 

Blessings to you all... don't get too busy and stay healthy :)


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