A couple things to tell you...

First off...
I've had a hard time getting into the routine of home schooling.... Between summer and the start of school nothing slowed down.  If anything, the pace picked up.  And yet, somehow, in the middle of all that I was supposed to add schooling a first grader?  It's been a little overwhelming for me.  Laundry has been backed up.  My blog has been kind of neglected.  I've been bad about returning phone calls.  And I'm short on sleep.  So....
I called upon the help of  Fly Lady.
After I had Sadie... baby #3 was such a kick in the pants for me... I needed some help getting my days in order.  In frustration, as a looked for help/inspiration on the internet, I found Fly Lady.  It's a little cheesy compared to some other organizational housekeeping type sites, but it's very genuine and full of very good methods, ideas, personal testimonials, and encouragement. 
So check it out if you need to get your days under control... get more stuff done... regain your sanity :) 
I re-initiated my old routines this week and things have been going much smoother! 

We're finding out what the baby is TODAY!!!  I'm pumped. 
Last night JJ and I worked on our boy name.  I really wanted to get to name a boy.  Regardless of what we find out today, I wanted to accomplish that... to be able to say, even if it is a girl... "Had you been a boy, we were going to name you _________"   
So we're ready to find out.... boy and girl names picked. 
Alice really wants another girl... she's scared of what it would be like to have a brother :)
Elsie really wants a brother... she thinks there's too many girls in our family as it is.
Sadie is going to be a threat to the baby's physical safety either way.
I'm betting on another girl....
JJ's betting on a boy.... winner gets to claim a favor of their choice :)
So we'll see!
I'll fill you all in later today....



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