Our Kitchen... here in Edmond

When we lived in Kansas, I took a week or so and photographed our entire house- room by room.  It was a lot of work!!  But is was so worth it... I now have a wonderful collection of photos to document our home, which is just a memory now :(    (See the Our Little Home back in KS) .  So I figured I should do it here also... even if it's not my dream home, it's still home and I do want to remember it.  It's also fun to get to share it with you :)  It might take me awhile to get through the whole house... some of it's not even completely decorated yet.  But here's the kitchen... nothin' fancy, but it's mine!

btw... the picture on the fridge is my dad and me when I was 5... my daughter's age :)


  1. Amy,

    love your picture taking abilities! I love your kitchen. Hope you and the family are adjusting well.
    Love you!

    {The Appraiser's Wife}

  2. HI Amy!

    What a great idea to take pics of your home for a keepsake. I'm going to do this one day. Maybe the day the house cleaner comes (which is only once a month) ha ha!

    I love the red accents in your kitchen.

  3. thanks for visiting my blog :)
    love your pictures...
    and the post below about camping- i would describe myself the same way. i cracked up. im not overly positive by nature and im pretty sarcastic too! cute blog!

  4. I love your style, Not only with photography, but also decoration and darling dishes! Thanks for the inspiration. And what a fabulous idea to photograph your home. I do a little of that, but not so detailed. I like it! And then I could do a scrapbook of my first home!

  5. oh, i LOVE all of your dishes...this was fun to look at!
    thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment!

  6. Hi Amy! Thanks for stopping by my blog--following you now! Love your dishes :)


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