Thoughts on Babies :)

Not the best pic in the world.. but hey, I'm actually in it :)

If you've learned anything about me so far, from this blog... you should know: I love the color turquoise, I love vintage junk, and I love all things "baby"! Ever since I was a little girl, all I ever wanted to do was get married and have babies :) ha, ha :) .. that's me. And as a result, I've always been in a hurry to get there. It's a fault for sure... I have a hard time being content in the moment. I wanted to get married at 19... did that. And I wanted to have 4 kids... almost there. From the first months of marriage on through... my thoughts have been largely consumed by planning, having, and raising babies. (It sounds so funny to say :) If you're a mom you probably understand... if not, sorry! ) So here's what I'm getting at: Sadie's 18 mo. old and the thought of baby #4 is quickly becoming a prevailing thought in my head. Problem is - life is crazy right now!!! I should not be pushing this thought right now! But this clock in my head tells me that I have to. I wanted 4, right? and they can't be more than 2 1/2 years apart, right? See all these plans I made a long time ago are superseding everything else. Am I even listening to rational thought? Jeremy? God? Probably not. God help me to slow down and enjoy... be content in this moment. Help me to listen to you... and my husband :) Give me peace... and eventually give me strength for whatever plans you have for me.


  1. Amy, I really enjoyed reading this. We are very similar. Married at 19, baby by 20...I have had the same thoughts...God, however, has had different for me. Whatever is meant to be will happen with or without my plan.

  2. Amy, I wished to marry and have the first of six children by 2000. This did not happen. You are truly blessed. . . actually you have three little blessings. I share your struggle and have to put up reminders of how I have been blessed, so that I do not focus on my want.

  3. Amy I too had certain expectations for what my family would look like...3 or 4 kids by the age of 30. After each child, however, we had to re-evaluate our situation (work, time, lifestyle and finances) We feel SO content with our 2 girls and feel that God's plan for us was very different than the one we set up for ourselves years ago.

  4. I've stumbled upon your blog and came across this post. I so get what you're talking about. Being immersed in the whole pregant-baby-raising-pregnantagain-baby-raising thing. We have three kids (almost 6, almost 4 and almost 2) and we've gone through the crazy desire for a fourth. Okay, that was mostly me ;) And we're 8 weeks now. No announcements yet since my parents will think we're crazy! You have to be flexible and go with what works - you having another now is up to you and your husband. There's always room for more love, though the volume and other issues increase too ;)


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