Surprisingly full Saturday...


Our plans for Saturday included: sleeping-in- as much as you can with little ones, doing some cleaning, and bumming.  This was the first weekend with nothing going on in what seemed like forever. Well, my mom called before we were all really up.  I answer, then : "Amy? (she always says my name like she's surprise that's it's really me) Can we come see you?"
"Yes, of course you can!" (to be honest I had to force a positive excited tone on this one)
"Oh, good!  We're right outside of Wichita; We'll be there in an hour and a half."  They were already an hour and a half into their drive... classic :) Alrighty.

Well...they came and we ended up having a very enjoyable time together.  We decided to finished the day up at Pops.  Pops is a local (actually in Arcadia, 10 min. away) novelty restaurant/gas station.  It features a unique structure with glass walls lined with hundreds of bottles of pop.  We thought my parents would enjoy it.  The only thing is, my dad is a pastor back in KS and he has a thing about Saturday nights.  Every Saturday night, for as long as I can remember, he has gone to the church after supper to make final revisions on his sermon and practice it on stage.  He was already being quite gracious to be gone on a Saturday (it was to please my mom)... he had decided that it would be okay as long as they left right after supper (it's a 3 hr. drive from where we live back to KS).

Well, we got to Pops and it was crazy busy.  We played outside for awhile... while my dad slept in the car (that is also something he as done for as long as I can remember) and we were seated after 35 min.  Not too bad really. But then... we sat in our booth, for an HOUR!... waiting for our food.  I ordered a chili dog.  Everyone else had hamburgers... really?  an hour?   Just imagine, 3 small children stuck in a tight booth, hungry, tired, and full of uncontrollable energy.  My poor father, fidgeting, looking around, desperately scanning for what might be our food coming.  It was fun.  Not really.   I felt really bad for my dad... you could tell he was really anxious about the time.  He acted so gracious, but you knew it was really stressing him.    But our food did finally come, and it was good!  We even got a discount on our meal and coupons for free sodas next time we came.  Smart move on the manager's part.... otherwise I don't think we would have come back.  My parents headed off... I'm sure my dad sped all the way home :)  But it was actually a really good day.  Always nice to see my parents, even if we weren't planning on it.


  1. What a neat place...and sorry you didn't get your nice, relaxing Saturday! I feel it's a bit our fault! They were supposed to come up and see us but we had to bail on them. Too many other things already scheduled. Your poor dad...I can just imagine and picture how stressed he was...but with a smile, of course! :) Hope you guys are doing well. Love your new blog, too. Very cute! Love you guys! Hope to see you soon!

  2. hi amy.
    i got your package in the mail! how sweet you are.
    i loved it.
    i will blog it soon.
    this restaurant looks SO COOL. and colorful. :)
    you look so much like your sister!


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