Happy Thing...My Creative Space

I wanted to share with you my office/creative space... In our last house, the office was part of our bedroom (see Our Little Home).  And as a result, I was quite confined by space and felt the need to make the office fit the decor of the bedroom.  I hid all my stationery, supplies, inspiration, and work away in drawers and under the bed!  It's been so nice, here, to have a separate room for my office.  Half of it is reserved for toys... but still, the decor is what ever my suits my fancy.  Any colors...anything goes!  I've been able to leave out all my junk... and enjoy it.  For me it's just a room full of Happy Things!!  Now I know, as far a creative spaces go, it's nothing to brag about.  For heaven's sake... have you seen some of the work spaces out there?!  Talk about having issues with coveting!! Someday..... (big sigh.)   But for now... I'm enjoying my space... it's definitely a Happy Thing :)


  1. Amy, I'm so jealous! Not only of your beautiful creative space, but of your creativity to put it all together so wonderfully! I wish I could borrow you for my own house for a day!! I just love your taste!

  2. Very happy. I'd love a room like that!

  3. i see phil. :)

    what a fun space! it makes such a difference to have a place to leave it out and create when you have time....instead of having to clean it up all the time so you can eat dinner on the same table.
    love your yellow table.


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