A few things....good and not so good

I designed three new note card sets... I love them.  They're all part of a new line: Retro Carnival :)  (the name makes me smile -he, he.)
Hope you like them, too! Check out the rest of the pics on etsy...

Sadie wouldn't let me take the pictures... she kept lurking.  She was cute though...

Okay, now for the NOT SO GOOD:

I just have to vent... I can not keep Sadie out of the toilet!!!!   -3 times already today!  I know, you're probably thinking: "heavens, just shut the door!!"  And I would, but my 3 yr. old is at that stage where she waits till the last second to go potty then barely makes it.  A shut door is a problem at that point  :)   So it's either hands in the toilet or pee on the floor... AWWWWRRRR!


  1. Hmmm...hands in the toilet or pee pee on the floor...now that's a dilemma you don't often hear about!!;) That's a tough one!
    But I would say that today, the good outweighed the bad...that stationery is GORGEOUS!!!
    I just looked at your home pictures...takes my breath away! Simply beautiful!
    I love all of the vintage touches. That is one element I would love more of in our home...someday!
    Enjoy the night!

  2. Ha! I can't believe it! That exact thing is happening at my house. Splashin' around in the toilet or peed pants...I KNOW! I usually just try and make sure the potty lid is closed at ALL times! It's hard to remember though....

  3. Cute cards... I love them.

    Sorry about the toilet. WE had that problem too. could you put a potty chair for her and then you can keep it clean and put a lock on the toilet seat?

  4. Beautiful note cards! Thank you for stopping by my little blog. It's always so neat to meet fellow blogging sisters in Christ! Looking forward to seeing more of your blog. :)


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