Happy Things

I still nurse Sadie, my 11mo. old 3 or 4 times a day... usually it's just before naps and at bedtime. So I spend a fair amount of time sitting in her nursery staring at this mobile. I made it when I was pregnant with Elsie (my middle child). It was one of those nesting tasks, you know... I just had to keep busy before she came or I would go crazy!! Anyway, it was made with much love and anticipation... and I still enjoy looking at those chubby legged, rosy cheeked babies spin around while I nurse. Its definitely a Happy Thing :)

For those who are interested.... to make it here's what I did:

You need:
- a small dowel rod, cut into two pieces with notches cut in both so they can fit together
- small wooden balls (I found them at Hobby Lobby) in a few sizes, drill a small hole through each
- card stock
- thin string or fishing line
- craft paint
- images to scan ( I used images from a vintage baby record book)

I just scanned my images and arranged them all on a page. Then I copied the page and reversed the images onto another page. Then print on a sheet of card stock front and back... EASY! Cut out images in whatever shape you want and punch holes in them. After painting dowel rods and balls, glue together and feed string through dowels, images, and balls. Make sure to measure lengths between all the hanging pieces to ensure a balanced outcome! After it's all assembled, to fix any imbalances glue a piece of a toothpick, paper clip, etc. to the bottom side of the rod that needs a little more weight. That's it in a nutshell... !

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