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This morning I made time, sat down and read my devotion... sometimes that seems like a hard thing for me to do! Between responding to the constant needs of my children, house work, homeschooling, and other random tasks, I struggle with making those fifteen minutes a priority in my day. I've been reading "Devotions for a Sacred Marriage" lately. Today after I was done reading, I was once again reminded of my privileged responsibility to nurture my marriage...to guard it, treasure it, serve in it... Too often I let the struggles cast a shadow over the blessings of marriage. Marriage is work. Marriage can bring pain. Yet, next to the gift of salvation, my marriage is the most overwhelming gift that I have been blessed with in this life. I'm so blessed to be here in this marriage, with this man, at this moment. I am blessed and I am loved... I'm so glad I sat down this morning and let the power of scripture remind me of that...and that's more than just a Happy Thing.

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  1. I'd like a cookie! I left you a message on facebook--but I did want you to know that I am so excited for you guys and all the changes that are coming up. Not all will be exciting, but as you look back one day, it will all be so clearly lead by God! My prayer is that you hear Him and clearly know what he has for you moment by moment. I will be praying for you!!

    How is the homeschooling going?


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