Happy Things

Lately I feel like God has been teaching me a lesson on having a joyful heart. The past few months have been quite busy and quite stressful, and I've allowed these circumstances to dictate my mood. As a result, my poor children have also had to suffer... it's no fun having a grumpy mom. The worst part is that it all quickly begins to snowball: I'm grumpy, so they act out, I get grumpier, and they get naughtier and sassier... not good. Through it all, I knew I was having an attitude problem, yet I was still having a hard time getting a handle on it. The other night I found myself on a website that I've enjoyed using as a resource in the past. (www.nogreaterjoy.org) I came across an article about moms with bad attitudes that slapped me in the face. It didn't tell me anything that I didn't already know in my heart, but it made me face it. (deep sigh.) So this is what I took away from it all....As a mom my attitude affects my little ones so much! I am responsible for the tone of my home and it's time I allow the joy of my salvation to be enough to give me a joyful heart. The rest of my circumstances don't matter. I am loved by my Savior and I am living my dream of being a wife and mom. What more should I need to be happy and to find the strength be positive with my girls? ....So on to lots of smiles, lots of laughing, lots of thanking God for all the little gifts. Well, here's where the Happy Thing comes into this all... I'm trying to appreciate every little bit of my girls. So I went looking in the house for a symbol of life with little girls. I love watching my girls pretend. I especially enjoy watching them pretend to be mommies. So I took a picture of all the little doll things they adore and use to practice their mommy skills. Watching them do this does something good for my heart, brings me joy, and definitely is a Happy Thing.

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