Happy Things

Today Sadie is my Happy Thing. My pregnancy with Sadie came after a lost pregnancy... As a result, my silent prayer was the same everyday as I lay awake looking at the ceiling beside my napping 3 year old: "God please, let me get to know this baby. Let her be a part of our family." At my first Doctor's appointment, we found out that we were expecting twins!! I had never been happier or felt more blessed. We enjoyed the bliss of our twins for 6 weeks...until one of the babies died. Fear and pain replaced the joy and my prayers reverted back to the one I had prayed in the beginning..."God please, let me get to know this baby. Let her be a part of our family." It was probable that this baby would die too, or have other major problems, they told me. I just wanted to at least find joy in the life that was still hanging on inside of me. I wanted to move past the pain of loss and anticipate the birth of a little one... but I wasn't even sure that would happen. Well, as you know, it did. God blessed us and molded us through it all. Painful? Yes. Purposeful? Definitely. So Sadie is a continual Happy Thing. I so often look at that little face and think of what the other little face might have looked like. But more often, I think of the prayer I prayed and how God answered it. Everyday I get to know Sadie a little more as she grows and she is such a sweet part of our little family. Thank you, Lord, for Sadie.

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  1. This is so precious and touching. You are truly a beautiful woman and mother.


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