A little on the personal side...

My kiddos are growing.  duh.  I know... but isn't it weird how it just hits you one day. 
Today it hit me when I looked down at my son's footie p.j.s. 

Lucy's getting big too.
um... she's pulling up on things.  what?!  Clue me in here, didn't I just give birth to her??
Yeah, and she has 4 teeth and has a will of her own already.  Where did those baby-baby days go?

She pretty much looks just like my hubs...  Can't you see the mischief in her eyes!?

Oh, yeah... and I wanted to tell you...
I finished my Christmas clip-art sets!  Go take a look... you need to get busy with your Christmas

Blessings to y'all!


  1. I think Lucy looks like my baby pics in the middle one. It's the grin with the slightly flared ears :) Luv u!

  2. Glad to know my son is not alone who gets holes in his footed PJs. Boys, active boys!!!


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