Lucille Louise is 3 months old

Our little Lucy is 3 months old.  This milestone is bittersweet for me.  One part of me feels victorious:  it's been a very difficult start.... the colic, the chaos, Virgil's determination to keep my attention...  But we've made it through the roughest part!  The colic is pretty much gone... now she's just a normal needy baby :)  And I'm adjusting (still in present tense...I have not adjusted!) to having 5 kids.

But on the flip side...  those newborn days are gone.  And I will never experience those incredible moments again, as Lucy is definitely our last baby.  But my cup is full... and the tiredness that never seems to leave, numbs the pain of saying goodbye to the baby days. 

So here she is... in all her precious baby glory at 3 months...


  1. I have to tell you...I got a little emotional looking at all these precious moments captured by you. And your words in knowing this is your last baby. And that this has been a bit of adjustment. All of it just got me a little tight chested. But I know you count it all a blessing. Its just that your transparency is so encouraging for all of us moms who can relate to this challenging task of being a mom. I truly adore you friend. :)

    P.S. I know this comment is random but I came here just to ooh and ahh over your blog like I occasionally do. And got caught up in this post...♥

  2. I know that I'm just now catching up but I know where you are coming from. I have five myself and life is so different with each one. My fourth was my hardest. She had colic (I totally didn't even believe in colic) and I will never forget how hard it was. My fifth was easy but having five is hard. Trying to find balance. It's hard finding help. Babysitting is expensive. It's just hard.

    I know I can't help but it is nice to know that someone else understands. hugs.


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