Playing house with my Baby Doll

The sun is shining today...  and that really helps this hormonal mamma face the day :)
It also allows me to take pictures! 

I felt like a little girl playing with her doll as I wrapped Lucy in a doll blanket and put her in a tiny toy cradle in the girls' room.  She fit perfectly and looked so sweet.  I even ended up rocking her a bit in it to keep her asleep.  So fun.

It all reminded me of something my Dad told me when he and my mom were here for Lucy's birth.  He said he would never forget a conversation he had with me as a young teenager...  During a daddy-daughter conversation, he had asked me what I wanted to "do."  He was referring to college plans, career interests, etc...  I simply told him that I wanted to be a wife and a mom. 

That's all I've ever really wanted... 
To love my husband, to love my babies, to create a home that honors Christ and allows all who enter into it to feel his love. 
....for me there is no greater joy.



  1. I want to nibble that gorgeous little arm. She is BEAUTIFUL! And such a peach in that tiny cradle.

    Bless you xx

  2. Lovely little Lucy! We so enjoyed our time with you on Thursday. Thank you for sharing life with us.

  3. My daughter and I are swooning over the baby goodness!! So fun : )

  4. Beautiful pictures, Amy! I loved them all and wish there were more! And the sun is shining here today too, which does really lift the spirits! Have a blessed day, Amy! Andrea Greene

  5. Oh dear Amy, congratulations on your wonderful bundle. What a precious gift from Gods heart. So happy for you and your family. ~much care from Turkey.

  6. So sweet, what an example of Christ's love, that unconditional love we have for our children! The Lord is using you to encourage women/mothers, especially me ;)

  7. Awww so tiny and precious. She is a little doll :)

  8. Congratulations on your sweet little baby, she's beautiful. You picked the perfect time to photograph her in this cradle. How special. Love the photos. ~ Abby

  9. This is so cute!! She's absolutely beautiful and her cot is so sweet(: xo


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