Vintage Airlines Themed Baby Shower Ideas...

Back in September, I helped host a baby shower at our church for a good friend of mine.  She told me she was decorating the nursery in vintage planes... naturally, since her husband is a pilot!  So of course my job was the paper goods... invites and anything else I could come up with that I could make my printer create!  I had a blast... 

I ended up creating boarding pass invites, baggage claim tags (to go on vintage suitcases that we used as decoration), Customs forms for guest to write words of wisdom to the mom-to-be on, cargo labels, flag cupcake toppers, stickers, and water bottle wraps.... all below.

If you'd like to see the boarding pass in more detail click on this image of it below...

We set up the shower like an airplane... with chairs in rows with a center aisle.  We put the snacks and beverages on a cart that ladies wheeled down the aisle, and served them just like flight attendants!  It was so much fun :) 

Hope this inspires you for your next baby boy shower!



  1. LOVE IT! I love themed parties and going "all out" is my favorite part of the experience! Beautiful work!

  2. What an awesome idea, Amy! You continue to amaze me with your mad graphic design skills!!!

  3. these are beautiful! what a great idea!

  4. How do I order these? I'm having a baby shower and my MIL wants me to pick out the invites!!! I'm sooo excited!!! LOVE these! :) Thanks!


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