I want to remember this little girl.

Little Sadie.  My number 3... my miracle, my joy.
I want to remember that smile, the bounce in her step, that hair.
I know these days will be gone soon... and I just want to remember.
Summer days... filled with laughing and giggling, captured effortlessly and purely by my Sadie.

You can read more about little Sadie's story here... if you haven't already :)



  1. She's such a darling! How precious are kids? I agree with your thoughts: they are daily God's little reminder to slow down, calm down and be in the moment. Xox

  2. Because I only recently discovered your blog, and subscribed, I did not know the whole story of Sadie and Sophie. What a lovely story. What a delightful little girl. What an amazing God. Thank you for taking the time and being willing to hurt all over again as you shared your testimony. It is indeed a miracle, and such an encouraging, inspiring account of our faithful, trustworthy, kind and loving heavenly Father. May He continue to pour out His rich blessing on your family.

  3. She has such beautiful hair! Gorgeous sunshine in those curls.


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