V is 9 months old... and exasperating.

Well, I finally found a few minutes to takes some 9 month shots of Virgil.  Let me just tell you... I love that kid more than I could have ever imagined.  I love having a boy.  I love having four children.
Some days I don't think I'm going to make it through these years.  Virgil is definitely my most difficult child.  Each of the girls took their turns being grouchy at one point or another as babies, but Virgil...oh, Virgil... ever since 4 mo. he has been grouchy!  He was such a good newborn; I thought I was in for an even keel, content baby.  Nope.

You know the movie Elf...with Will Ferrell...?  If you do...
We often say, regarding Virgil "He's an angry elf!"... in the Buddy the Elf voice of course.
Because he is... He's an angry little person!

Let me vent share...
If Virgil is in the same room as me, and I'm not holding him AND walking around with him... he's screaming.  So I nurse him (more than I should) to try and make him happy.  He'll be happy for like 2 minutes then turn back to me and start crying.  So I put him down for another nap... He wakes up after 20-40 minutes SCREAMING. One of my strategies is to take him to another room...that I know is safe... where the girls are playing and hope that he gets distracted.  If I'm lucky, I'll get 10-15 minutes out of that before he comes and finds me... screaming.
That's my day.  Everyday.

It's kind of hard to homeschool.
It's kind of hard to work on the computer.
It's kind of hard to do dishes or laundry.
It's kind of hard to do really anything...

JJ comes to my rescue in the evenings.  Virgil adores him.  And amazingly, doesn't act the same way around him!  Jeremy can pin V up in our bedroom and watch TV with him... he wanders around, climbs all over Jeremy, plays, laughs...  it's wonderful.  But why oh, why can't he be that way with me?!  Oh, the curse of being the one with the milk.  (big sigh).

Nights are getting better.  He was waking up several times... screaming.  But now it's tapering off to once or twice a night.  I can deal with that.

BUT...(another but)... I love babies!  I love kids!  If it wasn't for the fact that I'm completely exhausted, I really do think I would push JJ to have more :)  On the other side of that though, maybe that's why God is allowing it to feel overwhelming for me... so that I give in and am content with my four!! 

But when Virgil is happy... he is charming.  He has an adorable gappy-toothed smile, the sweetest little mouth, and sparkling blue eyes... He's my baby boy.  And someday, God will turn that frustrating personality into a tool for His glory.  I just hope I can survive to see it! Ha!

But enjoy some pics of my Virgil... he looks just like his daddy :)

Blessings... and endurance to all you moms :)


  1. bless your heart! so sorry you're going through such a tough season right now!

  2. oh how i hope you can find some "sabbath moments"!

  3. I have a tough one too, only in girl form, and 10 months older than your son! but the screaming and the constant wanting to be held and always wanting to be in the same room is still there. I know exactly how you feel! I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one going through a "grouchy" season. Happy 9 months to your precious son!

  4. girl, I feel ya 100x over! {just so you don't think I am a weird stalker :) I went to school with Jeremy, he was one year ahead of me and we were good track buddies :) } Anyway, that is exactly my day verbatim. My son will be 10 months Wed. This is the first month that I see us finally turning that corner. My daughter was no cake walk either, but not like this. You made me laugh b/c I complain about the same thing: the walking and holding him only otherwise fits ensue. I think it is what they refer to as "mama's boy" HA! Just know you aren't alone!

  5. hello Amy! Your baby boy is sooo cute! Love his blue eyes:) So i wanted to share a book with you that has blessed me beyond and above measure, seriously u have no idea!!! My pastors wife introduced me to it and she gave it to me for my baby shower. It's called Baby Wise. They have Baby Wise 1 & 2. I've read both but number one has more meat on it. If your interested i suggest you buy it! God showed me a lot through that book and what i love is that it's written by a Christian author too. Don't know if you've ever heard about Growing Kids Gods Way? Anyways he's one of the authors and i just love the way they explain everything!!! I followed the simple guidelines and all and i had both my kids sleeping through the night in less than 2 months! yep no joke. baby1 slept thru the night at 6 weeks and baby2 started sleeping thru the night at 7 weeks. It's been a blessing ever since. Yea i still have my days where i get so so tired. There kids you know? lol they need our guidance and all but when night comes, i know that from 8:30 and after its me and hubby time until 7 am the next morning. Check it out and hope you like it :) God bless you and ur beautiful family!


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