Happy Girl and a Play Room Bunting Tutorial

First an update on my status... and then a quick bunting tutorial!

I am now the proud owner of an iMac!!!!  And that makes me one Happy Girl....   My iMac arrived in the mail today so now I can blog... for the most part.  I still don't have my new programs though.  So no photo editing or designing yet... But hopefully in a few days I will be up and running.  I will have so much to learn though.  I haven't used a Mac since college and I will also have to adjust to the current version of Adobe Illustrator.  This will be kinda  major since I was operating on Illustrator 10.0!  That's really, really old :)

Due to my inability to design and blog, I've had to satisfy my creative inch in other ways.  Yesterday I made a quick and simple child's bunting out of vintage child's game cards.  You could use this same method on various paper items: photos, post cards, cut out shapes (see photo of a butterfly garland from girls' old room) , etc...

Let's begin!

Here's what you need:
old game cards or other paper items
twine or string (I used baker's twine)
craft knife
ruler or straight edge
large needle

First you are going to cut two vertical slits on each card... near the top about an inch apart.  I used my ruler as a guide for the distance between the two line and to ensure a consistent distance from the top of the card.

Then, cut your twine to the desired length and thread through the needle.

Finally string each card onto the twine, using the needle to push through the slits.  Make sure to start with the needle on the top side of the card, so that the twine goes behind leaving the pictures on the cards fully visible.

That's it!  I strung mine up over my girls'  play kitchen area.... very sweet... I think!

Amy J.

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  1. Hooray for joining the apple family!
    Once you go Mac, you never go back! {cheese alert!}
    Lovely garland, those playing cards are darling!


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