31 is too much AND a new idea :)

We need to go grocery shopping...(yes, I said "We" not "I"... I don't do the shopping alone, ever... JJ does it almost all of the time.  I love that.).  So for lunch today we opted for quick and fast: we each got a Beefy Burrito from Taco Bell, for a grand total of $2 (the kiddos got oatmeal... a standard  backup for when we have no food :) ).  But... bonus... we got more than we paid for.  In addition to our beefy burritos, we received 31 packets of sauce.  31 PACKETS OF SAUCE!!!!   It was a memorable moment.

Secondly, I wanted to show you my new idea....
Alice had a birthday and she needs to write some thank you notes.  So being the person that I am, I couldn't just have her write on a generic note card!  Instead, I took one of her precious little animal drawings and converted it into a bitmap image for my illustration program.... Voila! an adorable personalized card to send to family!   I think this might become an Etsy item... send me your kiddo's drawing and I'll make it into personalized stationery... definitely worth letting brew in the creative chambers of my mind :)   Alice loved them... by the way... She loved seeing her artwork come to life on a stack of note cards.  So fun!

Blessings to you all,


  1. I love the idea of using Alice's artwork on a Thank you card!

  2. Wow, she is a great artist! Not surprising, considering she is your daughter. :-)

    Madeline really wishes she could draw well, but gets frustrated that her drawings don't turn out the way she hopes they would. I can relate, because I have little to no drawing ability!

    Did you teach Alice very much of the "how" to draw, or did that just come to her naturally?


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