Happy Thing

I haven't done a Happy Thing in quite awhile... it's not that things don't make me happy, I'm just so busy that I haven't stopped to appreciate those little things!

We went to Kansas, as I told you in my last post.... we made it there, but I would definitely call it a major mistake (head shaking with a big sigh).
-I had a low year with sales at the show.
-I threw up Sat. night.
-Couldn't go to church and see friends... JJ came late Sat. night and had to go to church with the girls alone.
-Missed seeing JJ's family and celebrating Alice's birthday with them.
-JJ got sick Sunday night.
-Sadie didn't sleep much at all the whole weekend... no naps, bad nights.
-We missed the adoption party of JJ's niece of nephews from Haiti... the main reason JJ took off  from work to come.
-AND 3 miles out of town, heading back on Mon. Elsie threw up ALL OVER in the car. So we turned around and headed back to my parents to hose down the car seat and wash clothes. We finally made it home late that evening.

But back to my Happy Thing.... I received a little gift from my Grandfather-in-law that was delivered to me second hand since I didn't get to see that side of the family.  He is a dear.  He collects antiques and all sorts of old things, but was unaware of  the shabby chic concept until my entrance into the family.  He would come to our house and see "old junk" hanging on the walls.  Of course he got a kick out of this :)  Who wouldn't when those type of things were what he would move out of the house and into the barn!  All to say, now he finds "junk" in his sheds, cleans it up, and gives it to me to decorate with.  I love it!  Some of my favorite pieces in the house come from him.  This is what he gave me this weekend.... Definitely a Happy Thing in the midst of many frustrations and disappointments :)


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  1. Very cute idea! I love the way you decorate your house! My hubby is from Kansas too ;) Very beautiful state. He's also an Assistant Pastor just like your hubby ;) we have a lot in common! ;) blessings!!!


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