It never goes according to plan...

Hello All!  I feel like I've been absent for a long time!  I last posted in KS and shortly after that post I got sick... and spent the remainder of my time in and out of bed :(
So I didn't take any more fun pictures.
I didn't have follow my kids around and take pictures of my hometown.
I didn't really do much of anything!
Oh, well... it was still wonderful to see family (and bonus...they helped watch the kids while I was sick!).
It's all good though: I'm going BACK to KS in a week. JJ has another camp to be at and it happens to actually be IN my hometown!  Perfect... I'll get a second go at it all!  Hopefully I'll be able to bring back some good stories and photos to share.

So this week.... it's crazy busy!!
A custom bracelet order to fill.
Email catch-up.
Try to find a moment to actually see my husband (he's busy too catching up with church stuff..).
Add a few things to my store in prep. for a giveaway that Ashley Ann is hosting for me on Friday.
And pack all over again...

So if I don't chat with you much...that's why :)

Blessings till after the chaos subsides!

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