Disclaimer:  I am currently working on developing a more positive attitude in my daily life.  I am not an optimistic or overly positive person by nature (this is where Christ is so needed).  My husband is a very positive person.  And he calls to my attention this character fault of mine often enough.  Furthermore, I am a bit sarcastic (JJ appreciates this part).  I apologize if you do not respond well to a dose of sarcasm.   :) 

I've never been camping before.  I'm not sure I'll ever go camping again.  No, not true... I'll probably give it one more try.
Here's why...
So in the beginning, I was really excited.  I knew it wouldn't be a cake walk, but I thought it would be a somewhat relaxing recreational time to soak in nature and chat with friends (we went with two other couples and their families from church).

It was none of those things...because:
When we were all getting ready to go swimming, we realized that we left one bag at home... JJ and I's bag... no clothes, no swimming suits. So JJ had to drive back into town 45min. away.

Elsie was especially unenjoyable.  As soon as we got there she asked when we could go home.  She hated the water... lots of tears and lots of spankings, without JJ's help (he's gone getting our junk).

At supper (which is rarely enjoyable on any occasion...our kids are picky whiny eaters), we heard thunder and watched clouds roll in.  Hail and heavy rain was expected... in 20 min. So we threw everything back into the car...except the tent... crying kids and all.

Rain, rain, rain... lots of rain.  We luckily had a cabin nearby which we all crowded into to wait out the rain.    It was way past bed time.  I was cranky. Kids were cranky.  Jeremy and I were trying hard not to fight in front of our church friends  (remember we've just moved here... we need them to like us :), and I'm having a full out panic attack.  -all in another person's little cabin which he graciously allowed us to cram all 9 sandy/muddy/wet children and 6 adults into. When the worst of it was over we headed back to our tents.

In the rain, we threw our blankets, pillows, pack n' play, and children into the tent.  I, being a naive camper, burned my arm on the lantern.  I think that was the moment that I really became quite unpleasant in my spirit.

It kept raining- hard.  Then it hailed.  Amazingly enough Sadie was asleep through all of this, when the rain stopped, she woke up.  Classic.  JJ's was out fishing, and I was not liking my youngest daughter very much. 

About 45 min. after Sadie and I FINALLY fell asleep, JJ and the other men folk, decided we should bail.  More rain was coming.  I was thinking at this point... It was definitely a good thing JJ had wasted an hour and half to go back and get our swimming suits earlier. So at something past 3 in morning we all loaded back into the car and began to drive the 45 min. home.

As we're driving, JJ clued me in that he had a migraine and might need to stop to throw up.  There was crazy wicked lighting every 5 seconds all around us, heavy rain, and a way too awake 5 year old in the back seat who wouldn't stop freaking out about it all.  These all added significantly to JJ's migraine and my unpleasant demeanor. 

As I finally crawled into my warm soft bed I felt slightly more positive.  At least it was over.

Okay, okay... on a positive note, it was a good memory, a good story.  The land that we camped on was absolutely beautiful... even in the rain.  And Alice my oldest was actually quite pleased with the experience (she was big part of why we wanted to go in the first place).  Also the whole family took a really long nap today... which never happens.

So lesson to be learned... I don't like camping, but I definitely need to keep working on my positive attitude in less than ideal circumstance.  My friend, Kerstin, who was on the trip with us demonstrated this beautifully.  She had even more things to be grumpy about... she has four kids, invested alot more in the trip (food and such), had invited us (pressure), and had a leaky tent!!!!   Yet, she never complained and tried to see the positive in everything.  I have a lot to learn.  

But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me. 2 Corithians 12:9

Someday I will boast of the change He's made in me.  Until, then I'll keep trying... and avoid camping trips.  :)


  1. I saw your comment on my blog! I'm sorry your first camping trip was unpleasant! I hope you give it another try! Most camping trips usually don't end up like that :) I LOVE camping...have done it most of my life. And we're going camping by the river this weekend. I love your blog!

  2. Oh dear... that sounds pretty horrible. We took our two oldes camping last summer, it was fun... but I probably would have melted down had we faced the circumstances you faced! Maybe try again, when there's no rain in the forecast :)

  3. Give it another chance! The first time I went backpacking (I'd been camping many times before), I was with my Dad and several other Dads and Daughters. It was raining and everthing got wet, including, of course, us! And to top it off I get sick! But I've went back several times and quite like it. Check it out on my blog (it's back a few post, i couldn't figure out how to link!)

  4. Aw, what an awful first impression! I camped a lot as a kid (and burned my arm on the lantern, too!) and loved it...but I don't know if I would love it as much with little ones in tow!

  5. Amy, I'm SO glad to see you are a "real" person with "normal" moments of being a mom, wife, and friend sharing them with us. I enjoy knowing that I can relate to you even in the not-so-postive moments. This made my day and I laughed (sorry, I know the trip at the time wasn't fun), BUT it makes for a great story! Thanks for sharing!! P.S. Our camper is for sale ☺

  6. Wow...what a night!
    That sounds truly miserable...and I'm a camper!!
    I can imagine how wonderful that warm bed felt and a day of long naps...!
    Hope next time is better.
    Enjoy the night!

  7. You had a bad first-experience. Give it another try, and it might go better. It's more fun in the sunshine and clear, starry nights. I grew up camping. ...But I probably won't go in my adult life - again. (My hubby is the anti-camper.)

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi there Amy! Thanks for stopping by to visit me the other day. Camping... not a fan - unless it is in a cabin :)

    Happy Day, The Lady of the House

  9. Sounds like a camping trip that we went on with Jonathan's brother and family....We had to take cover most of one night in a low valley because of tornados!! Fun stuff with little ones. I admit that I will go camping, but my husband can't call it a vacation. It is work, lot's of work.

  10. You got some cute pictures of your girls out of it... and what now can be a funny story ( i know it wasn't funny as it was happening)

    I have a lot to learn about being positive in situations that don't go as planned, as well. My husband is the super positive one, and very patient... so I try to take little lessons from him.

    I'm crossing my fingers our camping trip won't have the crazy rain/hail etc, that yours did.

  11. We have church camping trip to night. Steve won't buy a tent because he doesn't like camping either.He said we would sleep in back of truck or in the truck. Well if its 104 today I'm figuring its back to our bed and rise early to be back out there for breakfast. Maybe someday we'll buy a camper and do it the easy way...until then ???

  12. Thanks for your post on my blog Amy! I'm glad to know Im not the only one with bad camping experiences and those were all pre child! Cant wait to see what their like adding my clumsiness and a 2 year old in the mix! LOL Glad I found your blog!


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