Happy Things

I just love the old photo strips that you used to be able to get at the mall. Every now and then you can still find one, or at least a digital version. At the mall in Hutch, KS JJ and I found one while we were dating (one on the right). And then a couple of years ago we found a digital version at Town East mall in Wichita... it might still be there. Anyway, I'm always on the look out and hope to find one again soon so that we can have a little family pic including Sadie Pie. I'm not sure what it is about them. It just always seems like the people in them are so happy. They have such a nostalgic feel. Maybe it's because I've admired the ones my parents had from their early years of marriage so many times. They're smiling so big... and life seems so wonderful in those poorly exposed strips of little pictures. I snatched one of my parents' which included their first two kids... and I enjoy seeing it next to the one of JJ and I with our first two... We may not have been smiling before those shots were taken. Who knows what chaos was occurring at the mall that day :) But when we all crammed into that booth and it was time for the big flash....it wasn't hard to look happy, because we were... And these days, at any given point when I'm with my family, if I stop and savor the moment I realize I'm happy... very very happy. And that, is a Happy Thing. (and yes, if you were wondering, the mirror is dirty and that is a Route 44 Sonic drink in the background :)


  1. Wonderful post!!! Good insight. I miss those photo booths, too. ~Dana

  2. I love these photo strips too! I moved to Berlin, to my bf, and I wanted to "celebrate" it with something, so I decided to make photos like this. Luckily there are "old" photo automats in Berlin (and Europa)... (http://www.photoautomat.de/standorte-liste.html) I love the atmosphere and the feeling of the photos!!


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