Wow, it's finally over!! Now that the Arts & Crafts fair is done I can get on with life!! I have so many ambitions with photography, graphic design, and other creative endeavors. Where to begin? After Adelynn, my niece, was born I designed her birth announcement. Now I love graphic design of any kind, but I love the stationary, invitation, announcement side of it the most. Especially when it involves babies!!! As you know, I do freelance graphic design work... but I want to put an official invitation out there to let me design your next little one's birth announcement! Oh, the fun! All my work is based off my clients desires and tastes, so you could be assured of a unique design that screams your style... okay, done with my promo :) Oh, wait, I'm not quite done... be sure to have me take newborn pictures to use in the announcement, too! :) I hope to have formal pricing for both my G.D. work and my photography services up on the blog soon.... if you're interested before then, just give me a holler! (all you local followers, at least...)

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